Sydney Buyers Agent
Sydney Buyers Agent

Sydney Buyers Agent

I run a property valuation practice and have worked with a number of Sydney buyers agents in Sydney over the past 10 years. I have assisted Kevin on a number of significant transactions in Sydney over this time, and have found his expertise, communication, and client care second to none. If I were buying a home in Sydney I would have no hesitation in engaging Kevin to act on my behalf, and have been confident in every referral I have passed his way.

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Finding a house that you can call home

Buying a property can be one of the most significant investments you make in your lifetime. It is a crucial decision that requires careful consideration and planning. It is important to ensure that you are making the right choice when selecting a property that suits your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

If you're serious about hiring Parker Hadley, please read this article.

A Sydney buyers agent can get your family into the house you'd like to call home

Parker Hadley Key Strategy Notes


A Buyers Agent can get you into your home faster

As your Sydney buyers agent, Parker Hadley's expertise in property, engineering and construction can be invaluable, whether it's your first home or fifth property purchase, our experience and skills can provide invaluable and crucial guidance throughout the process, especially when making the tough decisions.


A Sydney Buyers Agent could help you purchase this home

Parker Hadley has inspected thousands of houses. As a result, we know exactly what to look for in a property that will make a great home for you. We are also across the tactics that agents and sellers use, and the intricacies of how auctions play out, which gives us (and you) an advantage when a property purchase comes down to the negotiation. You need smart buyers agents, Sydney.


This house became someone's home only with the help of a Sydney buyers agent

Negotiations and auctions are intimidating situations. They can also be exceedingly time consuming. Having Parker Hadley represent you during these critical points of the process helps reduce a significant amount of stress, which is especially advantageous for individuals who dread high-pressure situations. We will also estimate each property's true market value, allowing you to purchase with confidence that you are paying a fair amount.


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The current real estate market is skewed towards sellers. Buying sydney real estate is difficult enough without knowing that the selling agent controls the majority of power. With their knowledge, negotiation abilities, and business experience, Parker Hadley Sydney Buyers Agent, will level the playing field for you as the buyer, and in some situations, dramatically turn the tables in the buyer’s favour.


Sydney Buyers Agent

Parker Hadley are frequently informed of fresh property opportunities before the wider public are, allowing them to acquire properties before they hit the market on your behalf. If the appropriate home for your budget is discovered through off-market channels, Parker Hadley may conduct the due diligence and negotiate the acquisition on your behalf on the same day as being given the opportunity, giving you a considerable edge on the competition.

Let's find your home together

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The Sydney buyers agent that takes the complexity out of the home buying process.


A introductory chat to find out a little about each other, and to see if we're a good fit during the home buying process.


Together we determine your needs, wants, and 'like to haves' on the road to finding the perfect Sydney property.


Armed with your info we'll start our search, which includes scouring our network of real estate agents, owners and other contacts beyond what you can find onreal estate websites.


We'll carefully match the results of our search with your requirements and present you with only the options that best suit your needs.


We'll hit the road and inspect the properties that got you excited.


Back in the office, we'll send you the details of each property we've viewed.


We'll guide you through the tricky legal stuff, and whether the condition of the property is up to scratch.


This is when the Scottish in me comes out! We're not paying a cent over what it's worth!


One does not just make an offer - this is where the tactics come in to play, and we've got you covered.

...or Auction

As accredited auctioneers, we know what to do and when to do it, giving you the best chance of winning.


Whoohoo! You have your new home, but there are still a few bits and bobs to navigate before you book the removalists, which we'll help you through.

And we don't run away when the sale is done!

Even after you've signed on the dotted line, our job isn't quite done. We'll be with you until you move in, and beyond.


Sydney Property Search Simplified: Bryan Scott’s Story with Parker Hadley

Living in regional Australia, we required accommodation for our son moving to Sydney for University studies. Undertaking this exercise remotely had many challenges and would have floundered altogether if not for market knowledge, professionalism, and flexibility of the staff at Parker Hadley. Would thoroughly recommend Kevin and the Team.

What can you expect to happen at our first appointment?

In our initial appointment we want to learn more about each other and feel certain we're a good fit because we will need to work closely together and communicate well throughout your journey.

It's important we review and discuss 3 things;

  1. Your current position in searching for a property on your own. We will dive into what your journey has been like so far and work out the key areas that we need to focus on for you.
  2. Your financials and budget. We need to make sure that expectations are realistic, and we are looking in the right area and looking for the right thing to suit your financial position and budget.
    and finally,
  3. Your needs, wants and like to haves, to ensure that we are all on the same page and working towards the same goal of finding you a house for you to call home.
We work with all types of clients, from the first-home buyers trying to get a foot on the property ladder to seasoned property owners and downsizers.
The best way to add value to a property in this market is by doing some work on it so we advise our clients on any potential value add areas in a property.
With all our clients we discuss and share as much information as possible on the current market trends to ensure that we are buying at a fair market price.



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