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We specialise in working for clients looking to find their next property purchase in the Inner West, Lower North Shore and Inner City Sydney.

About Parker Hadley

What do you get when you cross a Buyers Agent with a Civil Engineer? This sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but in reality it’s the solution to saving you a lot of time, money and stress by combining a unique set of skills to navigate the challenges of undisclosed or undetected bad buying signals.

Kevin Parker has over 20 years’ experience in property, construction and engineering and now uses his eye for detail and his years of industry knowledge to help clients find the right house to call home. He sees things that other buyers agents don’t. As Kevin points out, “What might first look like the ideal property to the average buyers agent could in fact be the nightmare house that brings you ongoing after purchase headaches unless someone can spot the issues beforehand”.


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How Does Parker Hadley Find You a House to Call Home?

We are your advantage in getting you the perfect home in your chosen location at the right price. We level the playing field and do the hard work for you.

Our job as your buyers agent is to simplify the home buying process by building a tailored property strategy that opens the doors to your new home or investment property. Here are the steps we take to assure your property buying success and satisfaction.

In our initial conversation we want to learn more about each other and feel certain we're a good fit because we will need to communicate well throughout the house buying process in order for us to achieve finding your right home. If we agree to work together, we will start your buyers brief.


Together, we will identify your needs, wants, and 'like to haves' in order to discover your ideal Sydney home. With your information in hand, we'll begin our search exploring our extended network of real estate agents, owners, and off market connections to go beyond what you can discover on public real estate websites on your own.


We'll inspect the properties that have most piqued your interest. In order for us to make a recommendation to you, we need to know it will be a house you can call home. So we will show you all of the options and allow our reporting from inspections to show you why properties would or wouldn't be suitable for you.  You'll see the results of each inspection so you can make a sound informed decision.


Before we go to negotiation we do a final walk through all our findings and answer questions and concerns to determine if the property is one you are ready to purchase. This is where the Scottish in me shines! We're not going to pay more than it's worth! We want to make sure you get your right house and at the right price, with due diligence done.

A Sydney Buyers Agent could help you purchase this home

It is not enough to just make an offer; this is where strategies and experience come into play. Finding a house is the easy part, the know how of getting an offer across the line and accepted is the important role we play for you.


Woohoo! You’ve bought your perfect house for you to call home! But our job isn’t done quite yet. There are a few details to complete before booking the removalists, which we'll walk you through to make the move super smooth.

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Finding a house that you can call home

Buying a property can be one of the most significant investments you make in your lifetime. It is a crucial decision that requires careful consideration and planning. It is important to ensure that you are making the right choice when selecting a property that suits your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

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What can you expect to happen at our first appointment?

In our initial appointment we want to learn more about each other and feel certain we're a good fit because we will need to work closely together and communicate well throughout your journey.

It's important we review and discuss 3 things;

  1. Your current position in searching for a property on your own. We will dive into what your journey has been like so far and work out the key areas that we need to focus on for you.
  2. Your financials and budget. We need to make sure that expectations are realistic, and we are looking in the right area and looking for the right thing to suit your financial position and budget.
    and finally,
  3. Your needs, wants and like to haves, to ensure that we are all on the same page and working towards the same goal of finding you a house for you to call home.
We work with all types of clients, from the first-home buyers trying to get a foot on the property ladder to seasoned property owners and downsizers.
The best way to add value to a property in this market is by doing some work on it so we advise our clients on any potential value add areas in a property.
With all our clients we discuss and share as much information as possible on the current market trends to ensure that we are buying at a fair market price.



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