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Chris & Claire


I had lost all hope in finding a property. Going to auction after auction was tiring and losing time after time was having a negative emotional impact on me.


Parker Hadley took the pain out of the process. I saved a huge amount of time. I no longer needed to spend hours researching properties and attending open houses and auctions. I just gave them my requirements and they would supply me properties that met my requirements. When it came to auction day, I was no longer nervous, I just set my limit and let the experts win me my new home


I undertook extensive research before engaging a buyer’s agent. Parker Hadley staff were knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. Their fees were competitive, and they had proven track record of meeting their clients’ expectations.


I was somewhat sceptical about using a buyer’s agent because I thought that there was not much point in paying someone to do something I could easily do myself. After spending days in researching properties, visiting open homes, and losing auctions. I did not have high expectations because I thought if I couldn’t get a result then it was unlikely anyone else would. I am happy to say that Parker Hadley exceeded my expectations at every level. They were fast to provide market research which was detailed but easy to understand, they attended open homes and gave their professional opinion and took the whole stress out of the situation.