Mahesh & Seema’s Sydney Home Buying Journey with Parker Hadley


We embarked on a year-long quest to find our dream home in Sydney. However, the process proved daunting as selling agents provided vague price guides at open homes, often leading to auctions with uncertain outcomes. We hesitated to bid at auctions due to concerns about bank valuations aligning with bidding prices, and found it challenging to engage with unapproachable selling agents for discussions.


Seeking professional assistance, we turned to Parker Hadley. Kevin and his team swiftly streamlined our search, understanding our requirements, budget, and market dynamics. Unlike selling agents, Parker Hadley provided comprehensive education on the buying process, ensuring clarity and confidence. Kevin prioritised matching properties with bank valuations and avoiding auctions, while building rapport with selling agents.


In a soaring real estate market with elusive selling agents, we sought transparency and reliability. Parker Hadley meticulously sourced property information, offering the clarity needed for informed decisions on shortlisted properties.


Impressed by Parker Hadley's reputation and Kevin's expertise, we entrusted our home buying process to the team. Despite the competitive market conditions, Parker Hadley secured off-market properties, steering clear of auctions and ensuring a seamless experience for us throughout our home buying journey.

What our clients have to say

Kevin has been a calming presence throughout this journey, taking up the slack for us when we were interstate and couldn't make the viewings or auctions, and won us over with his professionalism, knowledge, optimism, and sense of humour. 

Frank Robinson



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