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We were looking to buy a place and were searching for about 1 year. But the task was daunting as no selling agent were giving us a proper selling price. They wanted to throw a price guide at the open-home and then come for an auction.

We did not want to bid at an auction because we were not sure that the bank valuation would match up. Selling agents were just not approachable to discuss.

We were helpless and that’s when we decided to seek professional help from Parker Hadley.


Kevin and his team did a couple of things: Firstly, they streamlined our search. In just a couple of meetings Kevin understood what our requirement was and started to help us move in the right direction as per your need, budget, and market. Secondly, Parker Hadley educated us on the entire buying process which no selling agent will.

Further he assured us that he would help us get a place that would match up the bank valuation and try to avoid going into an auction.

Kevin and his team started to shortlist places and build relationships with the selling agents, which we were just not able to do.


The real estate prices were soaring, and the selling agents were unapproachable. Buyers like us who are budget constrained because of the amount of deposit they manage to save in many years can’t risk working with selling agents with hidden agenda and asking us to bid in auction. Parker Hadley took care to ensure that all they sourced from the selling agency all clarity we needed on the property we shortlisted.


Parker Hadley had very good reviews from its customers. After one meeting with Kevin, we were convinced that Parker Hadley had the market knowledge, experience, and transparency for us to hand over our buying process with them.

With how the market was behaving during the time we decided to buy our home, we thought that there was no hope of buying a house if we did not bid at an auction. Parker Hadley managed to help us bid for properties that were off market, before it went into an auction.

What our clients have to say

Kevin has been a calming presence throughout this journey, taking up the slack for us when we were interstate and couldn't make the viewings or auctions, and won us over with his professionalism, knowledge, optimism, and sense of humour. 

Frank Robinson


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