Kate & Craig’s Sydney Success story with Parker Hadley


We had been looking in Sydney on and off for a couple of years then seriously looking for 3 months before engaging Parker Hadley. We could see the market skyrocketing weekly and would be so disappointed at how much property was selling for. It was becoming exhausting and basically really demoralising. We had no idea how we were ever going to get into the Sydney market.


Kevin helped us come to the realisation that with our budget (which not that long ago would have been healthy) in this market we needed to look for a property that we could add value to. It may not be our perfect home to start with, but we could turn it into our perfect home. We were also very keen to stay in the Sydney suburb we were currently living in, but Kevin helped us get through that emotional attachment and look at surrounding suburbs – we ended up 10 mins away so a very good result!


Dealing with the Real Estate Agents, let’s be honest, no one wants to deal with them! Kevin was of course brilliant when it came to auction day, he knew how to “play the game” and win that property for us. If he felt there was no chance, he was honest about that so we wouldn’t put ourselves through the stress, upset and process.


Parker Hadley were recommended to us by a very good friend in Sydney. After the first conversation with Kevin, we knew we wanted to sign with Parker Hadley. Kevin was open, honest, friendly, confident, and knowledgeable, we knew we’d be in good hands.

Even after engaging with Parker Hadley we thought it would take at least 12 months to find a property within our budget and in the area we wanted. Kevin assured us it would not take anywhere near that amount of time, and it didn’t. It took 1 month! We also bought under our budget which is unheard of right now. It was great having someone there to speak to and get advice from at any time of the day. He kept us calm and grounded (still does!).

What our clients have to say

Kevin has been a calming presence throughout this journey, taking up the slack for us when we were interstate and couldn't make the viewings or auctions, and won us over with his professionalism, knowledge, optimism, and sense of humour. 

Frank Robinson



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