Negotiate a purchase

Get us to negotiate your next property purchase

You’ve found your dream home… what next?

It’s easy to get caught up in the fear of missing out, and paying over the odds for the most expensive investment you’ll ever make. It feels like the real estate agents hold all the cards.

We can be your secret weapon.

After having negotiated deals ranging from $100K to over $100 million, we know how to look the agent in the eye and demand a better deal.

Here’s what’s different when you use a buyer’s agent:

  • The agent and seller knows that you’re serious about the purchase
  • The agent knows we’re not susceptible to the tactics they use on regular buyers
  • There’s no emotional attachment to the negotiation
  • We have market research tools that you don’t have access to
  • We evaluate the property with a seasoned, impartial eye


It can sometimes feel like you’re up against an army of professionals on the seller’s side. From agents to strata, to lawyers to advertisers, the system is stacked in favour of the seller.

Our role is to be the one on your side.

What does the negotiation process involve?

1. Evaluate

Our most important task begins before we ever meet with the agent. We need to carefully evaluate the property, both in its own right and against the current local market conditions.

2. Research

Using our industry contacts, and online tools only licensed agents have access to, our research will give us a solid basis for negotiating the terms of your property process.

3. Negotiate

Once we’re clear on a realistic potential price range for the property, we go in to bat on your behalf. We liaise directly with the seller or their agent, and use our years of experience to negotiate on your behalf.

4. Success

A successful negotiation is one that ends with an agreement to sell for a fair market price.


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