Auction Bidding Sydney

Bidding at auction can be unnerving.

When you’re faced with an excited crowd of bidders, the potential for the auction to get away from you is high. With different budgets, personality types, and bidders all vying for the same property, we can be your critical advantage to winning at auction.

We control the auction

The advantage of being an experienced bidder and an accredited auctioneer is that we use tactics honed through years of commercial bidding to control the pace of the auction as much as possible. We’ll adjust our tactics to respond to fast aggressive competing bidders, emotional and timid first-timers, or other professionals.

Taking emotion out of it

Many home buyers find themselves in trouble because they get caught up in the rush at auction and over-bid for properties, either paying over market rates or bidding more than they can afford.

That’s one of the biggest advantages of having us bid on your behalf – we’ll stick to the limits, and ensure you don’t overpay for your next property.

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