Helping home buyers avoid the time, stress and expense of the typical property purchase process.

How we help with your next home purchase

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Full buyer’s agent start-to-finish purchase process

Engaging a buyer’s agent can save you both time and money on a significant purchase. From research to negotiation and through settlement, we’ll help you find the best home at the right price.

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Evaluation and negotiation

We get it, negotiation isn’t for everyone. By avoiding the emotional attachment to your property search and letting us negotiate for you we can help prevent overpaying for a property.

Auction Bidding Service

As accredited auctioneers, if you’ve already found a property but would like a professional property buyer to bid on your behalf, we can help both during the auction and at any negotiations if the property is passed in.


Whether you’re letting us take charge of the entire property purchase process, or just one part of it, our process stays the same throughout. You just choose what works for you and we go from there.

1. Initial Meeting

This is to ensure we have the right parameters for your property search. This includes your budget, property size, location, and all of those elements which you need in your next home. We also look at proximity requirements for schools, transport, shopping and more.

2. Property Search & Review

We’ll research the market for properties that match your parameters. It’s more than just a simple realestate.com.au search. We’ll be in touch with our network of real estate agents, mortgage brokers and private partners to discover off-market properties that you otherwise would not have found. Together, we’ll review the properties and whittle it down to a shortlist.

3. Property Selection

We’ll personally visit your selected properties to flag any potential issues and refine the list further. Once we’re satisfied that the options are likely to result in a purchase, we can arrange for personal inspections on a schedule that take up as little time as possible, or for remote viewings.

4. Negotiation

Once you’re ready to move forward, we’ll work with the real estate agent to get you the best price possible. Real Estate agents know that buyer’s agents are engaged to negotiate from a practical, price-conscious perspective, which changes the dynamic around property negotiations.

5. Ensuring completion

Our role isn’t done when the offer has been accepted. We’ll continue to liaise with the solicitors, strata managers, mortgage brokers, and all the other parties who are part of the process, and ensure that everyone proceeds smoothly. Our final fee is only payable once contracts are exchanged.


Sellers have the support of real estate agents. Who’s looking out for the buyer?

Every other investment vehicle usually requires the advice of professionals. Don’t risk your largest investment to anything less.