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Property Investing

Even after engaging with Parker Hadley we thought it would take at least 12 months to find a property within our budget and in the area we wanted.  Kevin assured us it would not take anywhere near that amount of time, and it didn’t. It only took 1 month!

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HOUSE RULES: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Property Investors in Australia

In the world of property investment, success is not a stroke of luck but a result of deliberate actions and habits. Just as Stephen R. Covey presented the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, we unveil the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Property Investors in Australia. By embodying these habits, smart investors can navigate the complex landscape of property investment with confidence, maximise returns, and achieve long-term success.

Full-Service Buyers Agent for Property Investors

Parker Hadley has extensive knowledge as property buyers and a reputation for exceptional service.

We have a process for simplifying the property buying process to make a successful purchase for your ideal property, whether it's your family home or your investment property.

We work with new property investors through the entire process to find their first investment property, and also work with more experienced property investors to buy their next property and expand their investment property portfolio.

We handle the time-consuming complexities such as doing extensive research, providing expert advice and local knowledge to make your first or next investment property purchase a more enjoyable and stress-free experience.

Obviously, buying an investment property is a big decision that must be carefully considered. Hiring us as your buyers agents will ensure you get the opportunity to choose from the best properties on market and off market, at the same time making sure they are the right property for you in line with your investment strategy.

What is the definition of a Full-Service Buyers Agent?

Parker Hadley is a full-service property buyer for property investors that offer professional expertise while representing you the buyer in the real estate market. This typically involves the whole process from the time of our free consultation, through the negotiation of your investment property and entire buying process, to the post purchase details such as working with your mortgage broker and an introduction to property managers who manage your rental property.

The Advantages of Hiring a Full-Service Buyers Agency

Property investors employing a full-service buyer's agent for their property investment has numerous advantages. For starters, Parker Hadley has a great network of professionals and resources eg selling agent, property manager, mortgage broker, that we work closely with and trust to keep us current with the property market in Sydney and across Australia.

This provides you the property investor access to off-market properties that other buyers may not have access to. This means you will have a broader selection of only the best properties that fit your property investment needs, ensuring we don't pay over market value and in an area that is primed for strong capital growth and/or positive cashflow.

Lastly, by having Parker Hadley handle the complete property investment process from start to finish, we will save you time and money, remove all the stress throughout the purchasing process and get you the best purchase price when you are ready to buy your perfect property.


Property Investing in Sydney with a Buyer's Agent

So how can you make the right decision to hire Parker Hadley as your buyers agent and know we will produce the results you are looking for as a property investor?

There are two main ways that you can be assured of making a great decision right now.

First review the following four areas of our website so you can know we are a reputable and credible buyer's agents.

The second way you’ll know if you can succeed in property investing using Parker Hadley is to ask yourself; Is it important that you build your property portfolio without having to make a huge personal time commitment and having the ability to make an educated property purchase without fear of buying the wrong property? If the answer is yes, then let's book a consultation. If the answer is no or maybe, we recommend you have a look at downloading our free ebook and see if you can raise your commitment level to your success.

If you have questions you need answered before you can make a decision, then please go to our contact us page and we will be happy to answer any and all questions for you.

Lastly, during our consultation, ask us to be an open book and let's examine our strategies, successes, resources, skills, time and money saved by clients using our buyer's agent services.

When you meet with us to discuss your investment strategy, you'll find that we too are property investors, and we buy houses for you with the same careful scrutiny that we would buy property for ourselves.

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What can you expect to happen at our first appointment?

In our initial appointment we want to learn more about each other and feel certain we're a good fit because we will need to work closely together and communicate well.

It's important we review and discuss 3 things; your current investment portfolio if you have one, your investing aspirations and objectives and finally property investing strategies we will need to employ to achieve your outcomes. 

Most importantly we need to be able to work together and communicate well because this is your future we are talk about investing in. 

We work with clients looking to get their first investment property or with investors looking to expand their portfolio.
Property investing gives you the advantage of planning a better retirement, leaving a legacy for your children, creating wealth or building new streams of income.
Based on your objectives and outcomes we plan a sound strategy to buy properties that produce solid growth and/or high yield.


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