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Working for the buyer, not the seller

Why would you use someone to sell your house, but not to buy one?

Finding your dream home or next investment property isn’t easy. It’s not even easy to find the right suburb! Looking at the amenities, transport, schools, and environment is one thing – but do you know what the council plans for that suburb, that street? And then when you’re finally ready to start looking for houses, how do you know what you’re looking at? Sure, it might look great superficially, but will you be able to recognise potential structural issues, or the lack of planning permits for that carport extension?

And then once you’ve found the perfect home in the ideal suburb, how do you know how much you should really pay for it?

Anyone can buy property.
Only an expert can buy the right property for less.

Why use a property buyer's agent?

1. We work for you, not the seller2. Straightforward and stress-free approach3. Save time AND money4. No emotional decisions5. We know construction & negotiation6. Support services to make sure everything's easy, and on the up and up

Kevin Parker

With over 20 years’ experience in the construction and engineering industries, it’s no wonder that Kevin has created so many happy clients in his property buying business. 

Kevin has developed a highly unique set of skills that he uses to better assist his clients in purchasing amazing properties.

His philosophy is to buy property for his clients the way he would buy it for himself. 

To do that he uses his “5 Engineering Lenses” along with his “5 Property Lenses” to assure every client a better opportunity. 

Kevin’s construction experience makes him very qualified to inspect and carry out the many intricacies of property due diligence when inspecting and purchasing a property.

With his ample building experience Kevin looks past the staged show homes and décor, and looks at the bricks and mortar of the house, the “Flesh and Bones” of the home, that are the foundations to your new property purchase.

To compliment his Class A Real Estate Licence Kevin has a degree in civil engineering, a finance and mortgaging qualification and is also an accredited auctioneer making Kevin very much qualified to guide you and help you into your new property.

Lisa Hadley

From a very young age Lisa has been deeply invested in property coming from a family who are crazy about property!

With a family who has a self-managed property portfolio, Lisa knows what it takes to start, grow, and maintain a successful property portfolio.

And don’t think she just sat there and watched it all happen either! Just ask her about the time her dad made her tile a full bathroom when she was in her early teens!

The majority of Lisa’s career before property got her, was in the major pharmaceutical space, with an emphasis in quality and innovation.

With degrees in both Microbiology and Chemistry accompanied by a Bachelor of Arts in Italian Studies, Lisa has a passion for the detailed things in life.

Lisa’s experience providing critical analysis, scrutinising data and statistics allows her to apply scientific methodology to property.

Coupled with her passion for property this allows Lisa to provide our clients with in-depth “Critical Property Analysis” and has given Lisa the skills to help buyers make one of their biggest life decisions.

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